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In an age where scams are becoming more sophisticated and widespread, falling victim to such deceptive schemes can be a deeply distressing experience. Understanding that you’re not alone in this struggle is vital. At Pacific Risk, we know what needs to be done to have these scams investigated, prosecuted and litigated.

Our mission is to work collaboratively with you, your legal representatives, your financial institutions, and law enforcement agencies, employing our expertise to unravel the intricacies of the scam and aid in your pursuit of justice. We recognise the importance of a multi-faceted approach in these situations – one that not only seeks to address the technical aspects but also acknowledges the emotional and psychological impact on the victims.

We bring a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the mechanisms behind various scams. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance, helping to navigate the often-overwhelming processes that follow in the wake of being scammed. With Pacific Risk, you gain a partner who is committed to standing alongside you every step of the way, ensuring that your voice is heard and your rights are upheld.

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Cryptocurrency Scams

Victims are lured into investing in fraudulent cryptocurrencies or fake trading platforms, often resulting in significant financial losses.

Investment Scams

These scams involve fake investment opportunities with high returns. Victims are often tricked into investing large sums of money into non-existent ventures.

Binary Options Scams

Here, victims are duped into investing in fake binary options trading schemes, which promise high returns with minimal risk.

Romance Scams

Scammers create false identities to form online relationships, eventually convincing victims to send money for various fabricated emergencies or needs.

Lottery & Prize Scams

Victims receive notifications of a fake lottery win or prize, usually accompanied by requests for payment to release the supposed winnings.

Phishing Scams

Through emails or messages that appear to be from legitimate sources, scammers attempt to steal personal information, such as login credentials and bank details.

The nature of scams in today’s interconnected world often transcends national borders, adding a layer of complexity to the pursuit of justice. Many scams are orchestrated by individuals or networks that operate across different countries, making these crimes inherently international. This global aspect presents significant challenges in both investigation and legal action.

Cross-Border Challenges: When a scam involves parties in multiple countries, the jurisdictional complexities can hinder the pace and effectiveness of law enforcement responses. Different legal systems, varying degrees of technological capabilities, and international laws come into play, often complicating the process of tracking down perpetrators.

Law Enforcement Coordination: One of the major hurdles is getting local and foreign law enforcement agencies to collaborate effectively. Each agency operates under its own set of rules and priorities, and in cases where parts of the crime occur overseas, there can be delays and difficulties in sharing information and resources.

At Pacific Risk, we understand these complexities and are adept at working within this challenging international landscape. Our team is experienced in liaising with various legal and law enforcement entities across borders, striving to overcome the barriers that often impede the progress of scam-related cases. We work diligently to bring together the necessary resources and expertise to support our clients in these intricate situations.

We can help you to get law enforcement to take action

Case Study: James & Tomoko

James befriended someone on the Internet who lured him into a sophisticated investment scam. He lost over $1 million Australian dollars. With Pacific Risk’s help James has been able to report the crimes in international jurisdictions and filed reports of the crime in both Colorado & China.  Read More

Case Study: Susan’s life savings

After retiring from being a school teacher, Susan set out to find a way to invest her retirement money. After searching the Internet for options, she saw an ad for a crypto investment. She then lost all she had saved during her career as a teacher. We helped her be heard by the Canadian Police.  Read More

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