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Are you a victim of fraud?

We are able to conduct international research & analysis so that your case can be presented to appropriate law enforcement & legal counsel.

Business Risk Management

Business Risk Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of global business, managing risks effectively is not just about prevention; it’s about getting an advantage. At Pacific Risk, our Business Risk Management services are tailored to help organisations around the globe navigate the challenges they face.

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Corporate Due Diligence

Corporate Due Diligence

Our globally distributed team of business professionals is able to conduct due diligence in countries around the world, we have resources that we can deploy to accurately and effectively assess the business environment to assist our clients in vetting partners and investors.

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Investment Scams

Investment Scams

Read our in-depth case studies about the ways that we have helped the victims of romance, investment scams, and other deceptions find justice. Assisting local law enforcement with understanding these complex, international crimes and enabling victims to take further action.

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Who are we?

Pacific Risk is a consultancy firm that advises organisations on high risk business problems across Asia. Corporates have sought business intelligence from us prior to committing to important business transactions, and also when difficult situations arise from unexpected circumstances such as hostile parties harming a business. we has advised clients from both the public sector and private sectors.

Research and analysis can be conducted before committing to an investment decision, this is known as ‘due diligence’, or it can be conducted after a crisis occurs, then the process is called ‘criminal investigation’ or just ‘crisis management’. No amount of due diligence however can ensure there will never be a crisis, but risks can be reduced with increased knowledge of the business environment.

Conducting business across national borders introduces its own type of business risks, especially when executives are faced with multiple cultures and jurisdictions outside their own experience. It is these types of multi-faceted business risks which cut-across multiple professional disciplines that Pacific Risk is most experienced in advising on.

Pacific Risk and its associates have a wide range of qualifications and experience in most jurisdictions across Asia.


About our Principal Consultant

Mr. Julian Russell, BSc., GDCS, MBIT, MTransCrimePrev, LLM, MA, MProfAcc

Mr. Russell is a Director of Pacific Risk, with 30 years experience in Asia. He previously worked for a US multinational risk management firm, handling projects spanning Asia as well as internationally.

Most of this time was in Hong Kong as a Managing Director, including two and half years as Head of the Singapore office, covering issues in South East Asia.

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We are the Asia Pacific agent for the intelligence analysis software produced by the company Xanalys.

This software is used by law enforcement and private sector analysts around the world for the visualisation of complex events and relationships as would be found in organised criminal activity.


We are collaborating with Australian based forensic document examiners Strach Forensic.

Some specialist forensic document examination equipment is stored in the offices of Pacific Risk for when the specialists are required to conduct examinations and give evidence in Hong Kong courts.

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