Forensic Engineering

Our highly trained consultants, specialised hardware and advanced technology enable us to provide full digital forensics on a range of devices.

Business Risk

We help to manage risk in all areas of your business, specialising in international relationships, fraud prevention and due diligence.

Risk Assessments

Business decisions are always risky, successful ones are made with a full understanding of all the factors that can influence success or failure.s

Compliance & AML

All businesses are required to know who they're dealing with and where the money comes from, our highly trained consultants are specialists in managing AML risk.

Level 19 Two International Finance Centre
8 Finance Street, Hong Kong

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F: +852 3010-1795
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Pacific Risk Limited is a consultancy firm that advises organisations on high risk business problems across Asia. Corporates have sought business intelligence from Pacific Risk prior to committing to important business transactions, and also when difficult situations arise from unexpected circumstances such as hostile parties harming a business. Pacific Risk has advised clients from both the public sector and private sectors.

Conducting business across national borders introduces its own type of business risks, especially when executives are faced with multiple cultures and jurisdictions outside their own experience. It is these types of multi-faceted business risks which cut-across multiple professional disciplines that Pacific Risk is most experienced in advising on.

Pacific Risk and its associates have wide range of qualifications and experience in most jurisdictions across Asia.

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